Course Outline

School Course Outline

Program Information

This program, The Art of Tattooing, fulfills the state requirements for tattoo artists seeking their Permanent Color and Tattoo Artist License. The course is 360 hours of education with 210 hours of theory and 150 hours of practical learning. Each student sets their own schedule with the Director based on when they are available to attend during school hours. The school is open to students during their “Theory Coursework” Thursday through Monday from 12noon-8pm. The school is open to students during their “Practical Coursework” Thursday through Monday from 12noon-8pm. Practical Student Tattooing Procedures are performed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12noon-8pm. At a full time pace of 40 hours per week, the course could take a minimum of 9 weeks to complete. Students must attend a minimum of 24 hours a week. At a 24 hour per week pace, the course could take a minimum of 15 weeks to complete. The maximum amount of time a student could remain enrolled in the course is 5 months before additional fees may apply. Students who do not successfully complete the course by the end date listed on their Enrollment Contract may incur fees. Due to the limited number of clientele willing to have a student perform a tattoo or permanent color procedure, meeting the procedure requirement within a defined ending date cannot be assured by the school. Completion of the 50 procedure requirement within a defined ending date cannot be assured by the school. Completion of the 50 procedure requirement may extend beyond the end date of the course contract. Extension of the program end date is not guaranteed and will be based on student meeting academic and attendance progress standards. Students meeting academic and attendance standards are assured of program extension without additional tuition cost. A detailed explanation of these fees is located in the Attendance Policies and Procedures section of this catalog.

Student Tattooing and Artwork Portfolio

Students will build an Artwork and Tattoo portfolio throughout the duration of the course. This portfolio will serve as a marketing tool to both potential customers as well as studios that they may want to work at once licensed. It is important for this portfolio to showcase various tattooing styles and techniques including but not limited to line work of various line weights, black and grey shading and color. Only technically and artistically solid tattoos and drawings will be considered acceptable Portfolio pieces. A student must complete 50 acceptable Portfolio tattoos which meet the OHLA definition for a completed tattoo procedure. Students must show proficiency and development in the areas of color blending, black and grey shading, varying line weight and font. A portfolio will not be considered complete until a student has a minimum of 10 acceptable portfolio tattoos in each of the areas listed above. Procedures may require multiple touch up sessions to be considered completed based on the Instructor’s evaluation of the technical and artistic value of the tattoo.

Facilities and Equipment

Forbidden School of Body Art offers 5000 sq. feet of space. There are 2200 sq ft on the main floor, which includes a recessed practical coursework floor for student drawing, 8 fully equipped student tattooing stations for procedures and observations. The lobby includes customer seating, computer station, student drawing station, public restroom and Director’s office. The rear area of the main floor includes 3 computers and stencil making stations, staff restroom and Directors’ offices. A second level contains a 600 sq ft student classroom and media center where group classes and media related lessons are held. A basement level of the building contains a 1000 sq ft student art/theory coursework room which is equipped with storage for student belongings, individual work and drawing stations, multiple light tables, a microwave and refrigerator. The Educational Director’s office is also located in the student art/theory coursework room which allows students direct, daily access for questions, feedback and progress meetings. The upper level of the building is approximately 1200 sq ft. and contains individual stations for licensed tattoo artists and instructors. Students will participate in observation of licensed tattoo artists in this area. *Personal belongings and artwork brought to or left at the school are the responsibility of the student. The school cannot be held liable for any personal belongings that are lost, stolen or damaged while on school property. All vehicles, bikes or motorcycles parked on or around school property are the responsibility of their owner. The school cannot be held liable for any damage to vehicles, bikes or motorcycles on or around the school property.

Students will have ample space and resources to be successful, including but not limited to:

  • An introductory package including Micron Pen Set, Prismacolor Pencils, Professional Graphite Set, Yearly Planner/Organizer, 8 GB USB Flashdrive
  • Student Success and Student Progress Binders
  • All texts for this course are provided for each student including lessons and class outlines. Material is created by school staff and taken from the internet and published books.
  • 4 computers are provided for student usage for internet and school related activities.
  • WIFI is available. WIFI code is for student or staff use only.
  • 10 student drawing stations. Drawing stations have light tables, drawing space, art supplies and reference material.
  • 8 practical learning stations. All tattooing equipment is provided by the school for students while they are enrolled including, but not limited to, machines, disposable tubes and needles, pigments, all disposable materials.

Program Supplies Outline

Introductory Art and Organizational Supplies Package

Listed below are supplies that are purchased for each student to use for their tracing and drawing assignments during their program. Also included are necessary organizational supplies and textbooks. These supplies are the property of each student and can be taken with them from the school. If any supplies are lost, it is the students responsibility to replace them. Prices are subject to change based on vendors cost.

  • 6 Micron Pen Set...Approx. cost $20
  • Graphite Pencil Set...Approx. cost $20
  • Prisma Colored Pencil Set...Approx. cost $30
  • Day Planner...Approx cost $10
  • USB Storage Drive...Approx cost $20
  • Student Assignment Binders...Approx Cost $25
  • The Art and Science of Tattooing Textbook...Approx cost $200
  • The New Drawing on the Right Side...Approx cost $20
  • Supplies Tote with School Insignia...Approx cost $20

Total "Materials" Cost: $365

In Program Supplies Package

Listed below are supplies that are purchased for each student to use during the theory and practical portions of the course. These supplies are property of the school and should be kept on the school premises at all times. **Student tattoo procedure costs are partially paid by customer receiving tattoo. Prices are subject to change based on vendors cost

  • Community Art and Printing Supplies...Approx cost $200
  • Tattooing Furniture and Equipment...Approx cost $500
  • Disposable Procedure Supplies...Approx cost $300**
  • Procedure Inks...Approx cost $200
  • Webinars and Group Class Supplies...Approx cost $300
  • Blood borne Pathogens Certification...Approx cost $25
  • First Aid/CPR Certification…..Approx cost $60

Total “In Program Supplies” Cost $1585

Graduation Supplies Package

Listed below are supplies that are purchased for each student upon graduation of the program. These supplies are property of the student. If any supplies are lost, it is the students responsibility to replace them. Prices are subject to change based on vendors cost. Students will assist in determining exactly which supplies would be best for them based on their individual needs, therefore this list is an approximation and may vary depending on individual choices made per student.

  • Rotary Tattoo Machine...Approx $300
  • Power Supply and Cords...Approx $200
  • Disposable Procedure Materials...Approx $100
  • Tattoo Inks...Approx $200

Total “Graduation Supplies” Cost $800

Theory Lesson Chapter Outline

Lesson 1: OHLA Rules & Laws

  • Course specific rules & laws
  • Pre-Service
  • Release of Liability Form
  • Pre-Procedure Setup
  • Procedure
  • Post-Procedure

Lesson 2: Safety & Sanitation

  • Contaminants
  • Methods & Controls
  • Plans & Logs
  • Sterilization Standards
  • Ultrasonics & Autoclaves
  • Assignment: Mock Exposure Control Plan

Lesson 3: Dermatology

  • The Skin
  • Primary & Secondary Skin Lesions
  • Inflammatory Skin Diseases
  • Skin Infections
  • Disorders of the Hair, Glands and Skin
  • Common Skin Lesions
  • Malignant Tumors

Lesson 4: Diseases & Infections

  • Bacteria
  • Infections
  • Viruses
  • Cleaners & Disinfectants

Lesson 5: Tools of the Trade

  • Machines
  • Tubes
  • Needles
  • Power Supplies & Cords
  • Ink
  • Disposable Equipment
  • Furniture & Lighting
  • Portfolio

Lesson 6: Procedure

  • Body Mechanics for the Tattoo Artist
  • Procedure Checklist Overview
  • Stencils & Application
  • Aftercare
  • Autoclave Process

Lesson 7: Technique

  • Intro to Ink in the Skin
  • Stretching
  • Lining
  • Solid Fill
  • Color Blending
  • Black & Grey Shading
  • Body Composition
  • Technical Flaws & Troubleshooting

Lesson 8: Design & Color Theory

  • General Color Theory
  • Tattoo Pigment Specific Color Theory
  • Design & Composition
  • Styles
  • Cover ups & Restorations
  • References
  • Photoshop

Lesson 9: Customer Service & Business Operations

  • Client Relations
  • Organization
  • Facilities
  • Taxes
  • Independent Contractors
  • Quoting
  • Goal Setting
  • Marketing

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