Tattoo Care

Current Students Contact Information

Forbidden School of Body Art carries around 12 students at a time. Half of these students are competing their Theory Coursework and the other half are completing their Practical Coursework which includes 50 tattoos on customers. Individual student portfolios are available to view in our school 7 days a week from 12noon – 8pm. Students are available to tattoo Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12noon – 6pm. If you are interested in getting tattooed by one of our students, you can walk in Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12noon-6pm and either have the tattoo done that day by an available student or you can set an appointment with a student for a later date. The school charges a discounted rate for student work according to the size of the tattoo. Students can tattoo a maximum size of 4”x4” and cannot tattoo certain areas of the body such as necks, faces and hands. Student artwork, tattoos and specials can be viewed on our school’s facebook page under “Forbidden School of Body Art”.

Graduate Artists

Students who successfully complete our program are provided a safe and educational environment to work in upon graduation. Our graduate artists are available for walk-ins everyday from 12noon-8pm. Graduate artist prices vary from $60-75 an hour. Artist portfolios can be viewed in our school everyday from 12noon-8pm. Graduates often posts discounts and specials on our school’s facebook page.