Dad is in town and he wants to check out the latest marijuana products. Since Dad has been a smoker for nearly 50 years, he has probably tried most of the available products. Most of them he won’t like. Some are overpriced, some are gross looking, and others are in “bud” in a way that a man would not be proud to show off in public.

Nothing says Father’s Day like a gift from your kids. But what if your kids made the gift instead of you? We are in agreement with the fact that your kids are in the best position to decide what cannabis products you should try, and which ones are best for you.

As a parent, I’m never sure what to expect when it comes to my kids and marijuana. I know that my dad used to be a smoker (back when it was legal), and I assumed that my kids would start using pot after they got older. But, surprisingly enough, my kids have never touched the stuff.

It’s 2021, which means there are fathers among cannabis users who are openly indulging in the plant. Maybe you have a veteran father who wants to know where to find a good sangown flower or CBD preroll, or your dad can take the opportunity to start his cannabis journey in the comfort of the legal market. Your dad may have started taking CBD for medicinal purposes, but he needs something more effective. When it comes to finding the perfect Father’s Day gift, the field is wide open. That’s why we’ve put together gift ideas to suit every type of Stone Dad, from the enthusiastic beginner to the avid CBD enthusiast. Yippee-ki-yay, stoner dads!

Old friend ready for action

Does Dad ever talk about the good old days when he used to smoke weed and look at you like that, what do you think? Does Daddy want to be a junkie again? Old Pal’s Ready to Roll bags are the perfect starting point to get Dad rolling again. Since Old Pal focuses on affordability and cheapness, the THC content is usually less than 20%, so it’s unlikely your dad will be impressed by it. Comes with 14 grams of pre-ground flour, crutches and hemp roll paper, all in an easy to carry sealed package. Available: California

Happy Uncle

10 cannabis products your dad will love Almost everyone has an uncle who smokes, so the Fun Uncle brand is perfect with its cute little flower bags. But sometimes that uncle is also your father. In this case, we think a 1/8 uncle would make a good Father’s Day gift.

Prefixes CBD Papa Grass

Start with the supporting cast, it says it all: Dad Grass aims to bring back the sweet sensuality of the occasional cigarette by offering 100% organic cannabis flower and quality pearls. Maybe your dad was a chain smoker and wants to relive his glory days, but with something that makes him feel better. And even if your dad is no stranger to recipes with high THC, adding high CBD flowers to the rotation is a great way to give him a more complete cannabis experience that showcases everything the plant has to offer. If you want to enjoy a calm and gentle conversation with your dad, check out Dad Grass. Available: Across the country

Marley Natural Water Supply

10 cannabis products your dad will love Whether your dad is a true lover of shot glasses or just looking to upgrade his water filter system, the luxurious Marley Natural hookah is a beautiful, streamlined product that will add style, elegance, and maximum functionality to your dad’s smoking experience. The pipe comes with a 5-hole bottom pipe, an egg piece, a spacious glass and a removable wooden smoking chamber, which gives the product a classic look and makes it easy to maintain. Available: Across the country

Uncle Arnie’s Cold Tea and Lemonade

10 cannabis products your dad will love For dads looking for an alternative to alcohol this summer and not afraid of a high dose of THC, Uncle Arnie’s Lemonade with Iced Tea from Matt’s High Soda is a delicious cannabis drink that packs a punch. The drinks market is still evolving – taste and reliability of efficiency remain a difficult problem to solve. But Uncle Arnie’s product clearly meets both parameters, so warn your dad to start with one serving per session before moving on. Available: California

Frank Companion Override Standards

10 cannabis products your dad will love This exclusive collaboration between Higher Standards Glass and Revelry Gear is a great option for updating dad’s wardrobe. The Revelry Companion is a handy travel bag with a black, rubberized canvas and a three-layer charcoal filter system that effectively removes all odors when your dad takes his stash. The middle layer is equipped with an active carbon system for extra protection against odors. The Revelry Companion is slim, unobtrusive and roomy enough for a dad on the go. Available: Across the country

G Pencil stroke

10 cannabis products your dad will love Unless they were introduced to cannabis at a later age, most of our cannabis moms and dads are used to the analogue way of smoking. But if your dad is a fan of dried flowers and you want to give him a cleaner way to smoke, check out the G Pen Dash, Grenco Labs’ latest portable vape for dried flowers. While the G Pen Dash doesn’t offer the thickest vapor on the market, it does provide a clean, powerful flavor to any flowers you put in the chamber. If your dad is a true terpene lover, give him a G Pen Dash for Father’s Day combined with his favorite scent. Available: Across the country

Hemp rolling papersVibes

Not all papers are created equal, so it’s time to provide your father, who smokes his own cigarettes, with the best papers on the market. Created by legendary rapper and Bay Area entrepreneur Berner, Vibe’s ultra-thin natural hemp paper has everything a good curl paper should have. They run exceptionally smooth and easy, promoting even smoke from tip to roach. If your dad isn’t thinking about what paper to buy, make him happy by giving him a good vibe. Available: National bandwidth

Superior requirements K. Herring Spoon

10 cannabis products your dad will love Is your dad a pipe person who loves elegant, simple and artistic design? If so, it’s time to introduce him to Spoon by Higher Standards, inspired by Keith Haring. Designed to optimize airflow, this tube is available in four different Keith Haring designs to showcase a thoughtful design with an artistic look that blends well with the shape and flow of the glass. Whether your dad uses the K. Herring spoon often or keeps it as a display and conversation piece, it will make a great gift and a profitable addition to his glass arsenal. Available: Across the country

G Pen Gio + CBD Pod

There is no shortage of mediocre vape pens and vape cartridges, and it can be difficult for newcomers to discern quality at first glance. If your dad is a CBD lover and is always on the lookout for the right vape pen to supplement his wellness regime, Grenco Labs has outdone itself by creating a CBD pen and cartridge that can lead to the smoothest, freshest vapor he’s ever experienced. The G Pen Gio has a durable construction, a beautiful shape and feel, and an exceptionally smooth and comfortable pull. Paired with G Pen’s London Pound Cake, Cereal Milk and Gelatti cartridges, you get the best CBD oil vape he’s ever tasted. Available: Across the country Image from an illustration by Gina Coleman/WeedmapsIf you’re like me, you may have had to repeatedly explain to your dad why he can’t smoke a joint or a blunt. Now, you can explain why with this list of 10 products, that your dad will love and actually use.. Read more about beginner dab rig kit and let us know what you think.

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