As a former addict, comedian, and marijuana enthusiast, Mike Eagle is well-versed in the dark side of the cannabis industry. After going into rehab for substance abuse in 2011, he had to learn how to live a sober life. Now, he’s a vocal advocate for marijuana law reform, and he’s also the host of the “Weed on Trial” podcast, a show where he’s tasked with discussing different strains and products.  So, in this episode, Mike Eagle takes his top-rated, doctor-recommended cannabis products, and tells you why they’re a must-have for any recreational or medicinal user.

I am totally not here for this whole “open relationship” idea. I am a firm believer in monogamy. If you’re not ready to commit to a single designated person, then you should not share a bed with anybody. I don’t care if they’re your best friend. When I’m getting high and taking a shit, I don’t want some other dude’s smelly feet in the bed with me. I want my own clean room.

On the heels of his latest project, a new mixtape called “Hardcore is the New Hardcore”, popular rapper and activist Open Mike Eagle was nice enough to sit down and give us a ton of insight into his weed habits!

Open Mike Eagle is a rapper, comedian, podcaster and independent artist from Chicago. He is best known for creating a music genre called Art Rap, his podcast What Had Happened, and as a member of the hip collectives Thirsty Fish, Swim Team, and currently Project Blowed. A big fan of anime, Open Mike Eagle even starred in the Adventure Time series. This talented man recently partnered with cannabis brand GetSmartyPlants to become the director of Cool Shit, and we spoke with him on Zoom to talk about it. In defining rap art, Mike told me, I imagined this emerging sector of hip-hop with people like Danny Brown, Run The Jewels, Aesop Rock, Shabazz Palaces. There was a new wave of rap that was independent and different, and I felt we needed something different to call ourselves ….. to call ourselves. It’s about doing what we want without having the resources that the big companies have. His latest project, Anime, Trauma and Divorce, is available on all streaming platforms. In addition to music, Open Mike Eagle is also an avid podcaster. He started a podcast network called Stoney Island Audio to give hip-hop artists a voice and a chance to tell their story and manage their narrative. He hosts the show What Happened, where he sits down with an artist for an entire season and dissects all of their projects to create an accurate representation of their legacy. The first season featured El-P of the hip-hop collective Run The Jewels. Being different and thinking outside the box is exactly what led to the collaboration between Mike and Get Smarty Plants. On all Get Smarty Plants packages, you can scan a QR code that will take you to their knowledge blog where you can read and view content about all sorts of crazy things. When I looked at what they represent as a brand, it made perfect sense to me, because their product is weed and their brand represents knowledge, humor, fun conversations and discovery. I smoke, I like cool things, and they want me to be their director of cool things. I am: Oh, I like that. As the director of Cool Shit, Open Mike Eagle wants to put an interesting spin on traditional media and add some atmosphere. He hosts The World’s Largest Rabbit Hole podcast and will also coordinate Rabbit Hole events. The first episode was about wrestler Matt Striker from WWE, Double Impact, etc. We watched some wrestling clips and discussed how the image of the bad guy in wrestling has changed over the years. It’s a kind of conversation where we take something and go way below the surface. Open Mike Eagle has smoked weed most of his life. He said the benefit of cannabis for him was that it allowed him to be less fixated on a particular way of thinking. Especially for me as a creator, the roads and possibilities open up when I am high. It’s like night and day when I create high or low in terms of the number of possibilities I see at any given time. These are the cannabis products that Open Mike Eagle can’t live without.

Intelligent equipment: Fatman

Although Mike has been smoking for decades, he’s not the kind of smoker who smokes out of stupidity – let’s get high all day. He prefers to smoke in the evening, when the day is over. I usually only have one or two nuggets from the tube. For a long time I only used incense blends. This went on for three or four years, but after a while I noticed that I wasn’t sleeping enough due to taking late night mixtures. So I switched to a flower. Smarty Plants’ Fatso is one of Open Mike Eagle’s favorite varieties. Fatso is a cross between Legend OG and GMO Cookies. It’s funky, dark, gassy, with an extremely strong impact.

Kiva Terra Bites Espresso Beans

They’re very good. We called them Senzu beans, from Dragon Ball, because they spice up the espresso and spice quickly. Kiva is a candy brand based in California. A fan favorite, the Terra Bites line features chocolate covered blueberries, espresso beans, sea salt caramel, almonds and even cookies.

Playlist Music When you’re on the Moon

Music For When You’re On The Moon is a playlist Mike compiled for Smarty Plants Spotify 4/20. As you can imagine, it’s great when you’re high and want to turn up the music. The playlist includes artists like Open Mike Eagle, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest and many more.


Another non-cannabic product that Open Mike Eagle likes to combine with cannabis is his bicycle. He likes to get high and drive. When I’m in a good mood, I like to bike around the neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Smarty Plants. Graphic design by David Lozada/Widmaps. 4 weed products rapper Open Mike Eagle can’t live without

Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is a freelance writer, video producer and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, varieties, products, education and all things related to this green flower. Contact him at dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom), or dante_jordan on Instagram. His website is since he started smoking weed while listening to a Gorillaz album at a party in ninth grade, Open Mike Eagle (who is also a member of the band Cannibal Ox) has become a longtime fan of all the different ways that different strains of weed affect different people. “I feel like it’s not so much about how it makes you feel,” he has said. “It’s about how it makes you think.” And, right now, he doesn’t have a favorite type of weed: “I like different kinds of weed. I like different forms of weed. I don’t like smoking the same thing every time.”. Read more about new open mike eagle and let us know what you think.

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