“As California’s cannabis industry continues its rapid growth, visitors from around the country are flocking to the Golden State to take advantage of the new year-round opportunities for legal leisure and leisure.

As cannabis tourism industries continue to grow, there is a growing demand for people that have traveled to these states to talk about their trips and help others that are thinking of doing the same.

In California, you don’t need a doctor’s note to buy weed, and you don’t need to wait in line for hours to get your hands on the best cannabis. The Golden State has just legalized recreational marijuana, and the result has been an explosion in tourism, since you can no longer be arrested for smoking it. Not only that, but there is now a whole new market for cannabis adventure travel, as people from all corners of the globe are flocking to the Golden State, and one of the best ways to do this is to visit a cannabis shop.

Travel writer Rick Steves has long been an advocate of cannabis tourism, comparing cannabis use to a mental journey to an interesting place. California cannabis tourism group takes on global travel When legalization advocates campaigned on their successful Proposition 64 initiative in 2016, one of the issues that caught the state’s attention was how to lure cannabis tourists and their money to the state. The following year, the California Cannabis Tourism Association was formed to address this issue. Although the Covid 19 pandemic interrupted travel for more than a year, clandestine events continued to take place. Today the group has a new name and its field of activity has expanded. The Cannabis Travel Association International (CTAI) launched CannabisTravelAssociation.org in May this year, presenting an expanded scope of its work. Given the enthusiasm we saw outside the state of California, and given the unprecedented demand for travel in general, our research indicated that we needed to become an international association, said Brian Applegarth, founder and president of the CCTA, now CTA. As the organization strengthens and expands, regional chapters such as New York, Las Vegas, Colorado, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will come under our umbrella.

High expectations for local and global cannabis tourism

The Association was formed to promote safe and responsible cannabis tourism, bridge the gap between the cannabis industry and tourism, advocate for supportive regulation and promote best practices in the cannabis industry. The association has developed in response to the global movement to integrate cannabis and tourism ecosystems. California is home to the Emerald Triangle, Haight-Ashbury, the country’s first medical marijuana dispensaries, and one of the best marijuana dispensaries in the world, and is driving much of the global momentum for legal reform. Meanwhile, legalization is spreading across America – and other parts of the country have special claims and appeal as tourist attractions. Similarly, Uruguay and Canada have legalized adult drinking, the Netherlands still has cafes, Spain has waiting rooms, etc. With the anticipated reopening of the national grid, the United States is creating a favorable environment for the cannabis tourism industry. Nevada now allows smoking rooms for adults. The lack of consumer lounges in California and the ban on smoking cannabis in hotels has made it somewhat difficult for the industry, but interest and tours have begun in several areas of the state. Research is a key pillar of the association, and members have exclusive access to detailed reports that help them manage their business by making informed decisions based on data, Applegarth added.

CCTA members, first come, first served discount on membership

Current members of the former CCTA will receive up to $1. July 2021 discounts and special rates based on their level and membership status. The early bird rate applies to anyone who registers before 1. July to enroll in the program, Applegarth said. We encourage anyone interested in joining us on this exciting journey to fill out our interest form and one of our members will contact you. CTAI members and partners include major cannabis brands, tour operators, retailers, transport companies, hotels, tourism boards, industry associations, media companies and other organisations for whom cannabis tourism advocacy is important. In addition to the website, CTA has a presence on Clubhouse, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. CTAI is a registered non-profit organization that advocates for safe and responsible cannabis tourism. The organization advocates for open communication, social justice and environmental sustainability, and represents and supports the diverse voices and perspectives of the burgeoning cannabis tourism industry. Depending on the size of the organization and the level of participation, Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships are available. Click here to learn more about membership levels, including the exclusive Pay It Forward level for businesses.The California Cannabis Tourism Group is a group of cannabis-enthusiasts from all over the world who have decided to climb the world’s most popular mountain, Mount Everest to raise funds for the California Cannabis Tourism Group. The aim of the group is to raise funds for the anti-cancer research that is being conducted by the cannabis-oriented research centre (CARC) at the University of California.. Read more about california leisure travel covid-19 and let us know what you think.

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