For most cannabis and marijuana businesses, the seed of sale is a profitable and productive part of their business. However, for some businesses the seed of sale is a revenue drain or a contributor to the loss of profit. This is because the seed of sale is seen as a revenue opportunity, but not as a key security issue. As a result, many businesses find that they need to invest a lot of time and money into the seed of sale to make sure that it is secure.

As customers continue to demand more options from cannabis companies, there are more opportunities than ever to build in security and safety measures. With increased demands comes increased risks, which means cannabis companies need to be ready to quickly address any issues that arise.

The legalization of marijuana has caused a growing need for security of marijuana facilities. The high value of marijuana makes it a prime target for thieves. Having security systems in place goes a long way towards protecting your business and the inventory; but it’s more than just security. You also need to protect the privacy of your customers and employees, as well as the general public.. Read more about security requirements for dispensaries and let us know what you think.Anyone who works in the cannabis industry knows that crop theft can ruin a producer economically. Security is essential and fortunately manufacturers and pharmacies have many tools at their disposal to protect their investments. There’s simply no excuse for not having a robust security system in place to ensure your company’s compliance, whether it’s public-private partnerships or state-of-the-art security arrangements – in fact, it’s a requirement in most jurisdictions. By 2020, national cannabis sales were up 67% and support for legal marijuana reached a record 68%. According to New Frontier Data, the U.S. legal cannabis market will double to $41.5 billion by 2025. The development of industry affects many areas, such as job creation and tax revenue, and also offers a wide range of interesting opportunities. If cannabis companies want to keep up with the growing market and be successful, they must address two major challenges: ensuring adequate security and efficient operations. While these two problems may be considered separate issues, farmers and producers must combine processes and solutions to address the problem as a whole. – Pharmacies are a prime target for burglaries. Security of shop windows requires a complete security plan Growing the Seed of Sale: Integrating Security with Business Opportunity Due to their rapid growth, pharmacies face traditional security risks, such as workplace violence and shoplifting, while cyber security risks are also becoming more common. It is clear from these potential problems that the stakes are high and the greater the potential impact on the business, the greater the need for real-time and predictive response. Internal threats are another problem in the industry, as evidenced by the number of thefts, sabotage, and break-ins by employees. The cannabis market is complex: It is a fast-moving sector, with basic regulatory requirements and high security risks. Security therefore needs to be approached holistically, as it can be difficult to identify where potential threats may come from. When it comes to security, it is essential to move away from reactive behavior and look for ways to manage security to prevent threats, stop them before they occur, and respond in real time. But does the farmer or retailer have the time and expertise to manage it all while keeping an eye on the impact of farm safety?

Remote security activities

The ability to comply with government regulations and protect the valuable cannabis harvest from seed to sale makes security systems a crucial advantage for cannabis growers. Security Operations Centers create safer, more productive environments and provide state-of-the-art tools to protect employees, retail businesses and manufacturing facilities. But some companies in the cannabis market don’t have the resources or space for centralized security. So they have to provide security on an ad hoc basis or settle for what they can afford at the moment. The operating costs of these systems can also be prohibitive. Security Operations Centers create safer, more productive environments and provide state-of-the-art tools to protect employees, stores and manufacturing facilities. Growing the Seed of Sale: Integrating Security with Business Opportunity But the new options eliminate the security process. The company can concentrate on the development of its core business. Remote security services allow organizations to take advantage of advanced security services that are typically only available in large enterprise environments. These services are offered on a subscription basis, delivered through the cloud, and are fully customizable to address your unique business risks, while providing significant cost savings for any business. Centralized Security Operations Centers use intelligent tools, standard operating procedures and proven analytics to provide cannabis businesses with the information and guidance they need to address issues such as shoplifting or cultivation before they have a significant impact. An integrated, global response center staffed by experienced operators and security experts provides a comprehensive approach to security and compliance. This approach is designed to provide comprehensive information about what is happening in the cannabis industry, from seeding to sales, and how individual events can affect the industry as a whole. This will provide stakeholders with the safety information they need without incurring significant overhead costs, investing in staff and complicating day-to-day management. For companies in the cannabis market that want to supplement their security measures with additional staff, but don’t have the budget or infrastructure to do so, remote security services are a solution to consider. If the experts do all the heavy lifting, managers can focus on development. And now, in the cannabis industry, the possibilities are endless.

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