The strain names go out of style, and the way you roll a joint is still not much better. In the case of Insane, it was the name of an excellent cannabis strain from a time when the names of cannabis strains were all about the effect they had on you, not the name itself. The strain itself was created by pairing a Dutch hybrid seed with a Blueberry Skunk and a Blueberry Haze. The result was a pretty high THC strain that got its name due to its effects.

Chronic use of cannabis can have adverse effects on the body, and may actually increase the risk of developing certain diseases. Insane is one of the strains that have been tested, and it has been shown to be an effective tool for pain relief. The strain proves to have a higher CBD content compared to its counterpart, which is known to have a higher THC content. Studies have proven that a high CBD content is a safe alternative for those who are looking for a high, without the risk of experiencing the side effects that are associated with the high THC content.

Insane is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed by The Green House Seed Company, based in South East Oregon. Insane is a cross between 7520 and a Thai Sativa X-5. At the time of its creation, Insane’s genetics were unknown. It is believed to be a cross of a Thai sativa with a landrace sativa. Read more about hindu kush strains and let us know what you think.The best weed I smoked in California came from Insane. Ruby Red. This stuff tastes like a Shirley Temple and a joint dipped in a cup of Ocean Spray. It’s the kind of grass you come across and think: Yes, whoever did this has perfected the art of growing up. That man is Kenji Fujishima, who has been farming for 30 years.

Insane by Dr. Greenthumb is a California-based brand co-founded by B-Real of Cypress Hill, one of the pioneers of modern cannabis culture, Fujishima and Roni Desantis. On the future of Insane, Fujishima, the brand’s specialist grower told me: There will be many different genetic elements among them. We are preparing for cross-border activities. We do phenotype hunting and breeding programs, so I think we will continue to grow, both as a breeder and as a brand.

It’s the races that put them there.

1990: Colombian gold

Fujishima planted the very first seed in California soil around 1990. He couldn’t afford to buy grass, so he decided to grow it. Shopping? Jute he thought was Colombian gold. Just an herb against stress. If we bought a bag after collecting all the sticks and seeds, we were happy if we got a joint. The grass was a waste product, but if you grew those seeds, it was actually a kind of fire grass.

In 1993, Fujishima met B-Real through a mutual friend named Gator. Gator took him to a concert at the [California State University, Dominguez Hills] where the Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill were performing (what a fucking band, man). Their shared love of martial arts soon led B. to train with Fujishima’s father, and by 1995 Fujishima and B. had become close friends and training partners.

1996: Cali O, White Russian, White Rhino

The introduction of Cypress Hill was also Fujishima’s first introduction to indoor turf. Some were fluorescent green, others looked like cotton candy – all of which sparked a deeper passion for the different types of cones. In 1996 he started touring with Cypress Hill and got the chance to go to Amsterdam. For the first time, he really had access to all these herbs at his fingertips.

I visited the Sensi seed bank and a few other places that were there. Cali O, White Russian, White Rhino. These are the first ones I remember like this: Wow, I can’t believe we’re looking at a menu of seeds.

Fujishima chose Cali O (also known as California Orange), White Russian, White Rhino and a few others based on what looked best and flowered fastest. Some hasas were cool, but it was 13 weeks of flowering, 11 weeks of bloom. I thought so: Let’s take the ones that harvest faster. The sooner the harvest is ready, the sooner we can smoke.

1997: Kush Bubba (Bubba Kush)

In 1997, Fujishima, B-Real and the team started the Kush game. The first one we were known for was called Kush Bubba, which everyone knows [as] Bubba Kush. These seeds were planted and germinated in B-Real’s bathroom or guest room in his home.

The Bubba Kush was so strong you could smell it all over the neighborhood. If you want to start the story,Dr. Grintumb was conceived in this house. The name, the song, the idea, the 20 plants that make the whole neighborhood stink, that’s what this idiot had.

1997-1998: OG Kush

By the time Bubba Kush made its debut, the mystical OG Kush was on fire in the streets. But the film crew couldn’t get hold of it for a while. In late 1997, Fujishima and the DGT team finally got an OG Kush cutting from the Wonderbrett boys. That’s when it really started. It’s a life change. I deal with people’s family issues.

OG Kush was in such high demand that people were taking in megadollars, even for the smallest amount. Before they had access to the OG Kush crop, the team paid $100 per eighth. When they started growing it and selling it, they got up to $500 an ounce, $8,000 a pound. It was such a special kind that people were willing to do crazy things to get it.

People wanted to give you money before it was collected just so they could get it. It was a lot of money back then.

2000: Kenji Kush

Since its introduction, OG Kush has dominated the streets of California. That’s all people wanted in the 2000s. Everything we had was in [turkey size oven bags] or in jars. We didn’t have to have a brand, because not many people had one. People just knew he had that Kenji Kush. We didn’t have to sell it because maybe one or two people would take it in its entirety.

Meanwhile, Fujishima continues to tour with Cypress Hill. In 2000 he toured with Limp Bizkit, and since 2009 he has been touring again with Cypress. That was the case until 2013, when he focused on building the Dr. Greenthumb brand and media platform.

2014: Insane OG

The strains that made Insane

The 215 program legalized medical cannabis in California in 1996, but Dr. Greenthumb has only been on the legal market since 2014. In 2015, they got their first grow room. In August 2018, Dr. Greenthumb transitioned from the medical market to the adult market by opening his flagship pharmacy, Dr. Greenthumb’s, in Sylmar, California.

At the time, they released OG Kush, which established their reputation. This time, however, we went from Kenji Kush to Insane OG (aka 3X Crazy), Dr. Grintumb’s very first legal product.

2021: Christmas lights, Honeymoon

The strains that made Insane

To this day, Insane still has OGs in play, but they don’t develop as much as they used to. Instead, they turned to new flavors to meet consumer demand. Christmas Lights and Honeymoon are two of the newest popular scents. Christmas Lights is the Flo phenotype, which Fujishima and his team obtained from Aaron Yarkoni of DNA Genetics; Honeymoon is the Wedding Cake phenotype. They also pumped Hindu Funk, Gotti and Mac 11. They will be launching ten more new fragrances in August.

But if he wanted to, Fujishima could only grow one of the seven different OGs that Dr. Library has. Greenthumb. To me, there is still nothing like the OG buzz. Everything else is still baked goods, the flavor is cool, but for me if you want a big hit in the head it’s the OG.

Image courtesy of Insane. Graph Britt Rivas/WidmapsThis text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.. Read more about legendary haze strain and let us know what you think.

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