For the last few years, the cannabis industry has grown quickly from grass roots to one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The recent reports of many states legalizing the drug, and the election of Colorado and Washington as the first states to legalize the drug for recreational use, further fueled the industry’s growth. The cannabis industry mostly employs people who tend to have lower paying and higher risk jobs. This trend will continue to grow, and jobs in the industry will increase each year.

The cannabis industry is a booming business, for both businesses and workers. It’s a booming business for both reasons, and for the sake of our readers, we must look at a few of the things that make it so.

In the wake of the recreational legalization of marijuana in eight states and with more states expected to pass legislation of their own, the industry is more open than ever to people with a variety of skill sets. That being said, there are still many after the hype wears off and the business begins to solidify in the legal market, who will be in high demand. We’ve taken a look at the top ten career options for those who want to get involved in the industry now.

Top 10 jobs in the cannabis industry Only now, after a century of prohibition, legal cannabis is the fastest growing profession in America. The capacity of the cannabis industry has grown significantly over the past five years. UC San Diego has seen a 400% increase in legalization nationwide, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, and offers the highest quality certification for coveted cannabis knowledge. The university’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for the ten most relevant jobs in the cannabis industry, listed below, and asks the question Which career is right for you? So if cannabis users give up some jobs because of drug testing, there are even better job opportunities in this sector. If you would like to register for the training program, classes begin on the 28th. June. As an added bonus, you can save $250 with coupon code EARLYBIRDJUNE while the discount is valid!

1 Crop manager

It all starts here. In short, it is the person responsible for the entire cultivation process. Cannabis cultivation – especially on a large scale – faces many challenges. Experience is therefore essential for this position. Top 10 jobs in the cannabis industry

2 Withdrawn: Production manager

This position would suit someone with a strong background in chemistry and a love of plants. With the growing popularity of vaping, companies are willing to pay a high price for those who know how to make great cannabis concentrates.

3 Test: Principal scientist

Testing allows people to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies, and allows manufacturers to be honest about the quality and safety of their products. Another position that requires a strong scientific background. The Chief Scientist will have an understanding of the standard operating procedures required to make the tests consistent and reliable.

4 Production: Operational Manager

The production manager is the person who takes over after the cultivation manager has finished cultivating and handling the plant. Packaging and storage are the biggest challenges. People with great organizational skills are ideal for this position, and experience in warehouse or production management is appreciated.

5 Distribution: Sales manager

This work is becoming more important every day. Organizing distribution in one state is already a huge task, but when it expands to other states and countries, the task becomes even bigger and more complex. Yes, this job is getting harder as the terrain expands; but this is just the beginning. Packaging and shipping procedures are generally highly regulated, and laws governing them may vary from state to state.

6 Retail trade: Vice President, Retail

The qualities you look for in a VP of Cannabis Retail will be the same qualities you look for in a VP of Retail in other industries. Recruiters know that it is much easier to teach people basic cannabis knowledge than people knowledge. This is a position that can attract professionals from different sectors.

7 Sales and marketing: Marketing Manager

This position is very important because it is the main way a brand communicates with its audience. Things like branding and social media should be designed to appeal to people and drive sales. If you are a creative marketing professional looking to break into the cannabis industry, then this is the job for you.

8 Accounting and finance: Chief Financial OfficerY

As you can imagine, this has created a great need for financial experts to keep an eye on the finances. Finance courses are available at many educational institutions; however, in terms of relevant experience, finance professionals working in the casino industry are often well versed in what it takes to run the finance department of a cannabis business.

9 Compliance: Vice President Compliance

The Vice President of Compliance must be aware of the entire operation to ensure that all procedures remain legal. Compliance can also help employees avoid legal problems, as the government can take legal action against individuals if a company operates outside the law. This work requires attention to detail and knowledge of legal terminology.

10 Compliance: General Counsel

If you are an attorney and want to get into the cannabis business, there are many programs you can take that will give you an overview of the laws that govern cannabis in your area.This is for all the readers who are looking for a new job and are interested in the cannabis industry. During my search I have discovered 10 top jobs for this industry.. Read more about dispensary job titles and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest paying cannabis job?

Weed is a cash crop. It’s a $3 billion industry that pays $1.15 billion in taxes, and it’s all growing. According to a 2013 study by the Marijuana Policy Group, sixty five percent of the industry’s sales are made in the four states that have legalized medical marijuana, Nevada, Colorado, California, and Maine. The Washington State Liquor Control Board recently announced a new report showing that the state’s legal weed shops generated $290 million in sales in 2013. There’s a new job in the cannabis industry that’s paid a lot of money. It’s a position where you can use your expertise to grow the weed business. But how do you get that kind of high-paying job? It’s simple—grow weed. The best way to become a marijuana grower is to start small, learn the business, and then join a team of growers and work your way up. If you don’t have any farming experience, you might start in a smaller capacity.

Does the cannabis industry pay well?

The cannabis industry is a dynamic, fast-growing sector that is always looking to hire top talent. As the industry grows, so does the need for quality talent. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top jobs in the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is an industry that thrives on a multitude of factors, with the largest being employee pay. Just like any other job, the reward for a job well done is often a high earning potential, and cannabis businesses have the potential to be some of the highest paying jobs.

What kind of jobs do Stoners have?

The cannabis industry is booming. With a $20.9 billion market in 2016, the industry is expected to reach $31.7 billion in sales by 2020. The main driver for this growth lies in the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in more and more states, as well as the opening of more cannabis-specific companies. There are many jobs in the cannabis industry. From budtenders to growers, the list of cannabis industry jobs is as diverse as the plants that produce it. There are social workers, business managers, and lawyers, to name a few.

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