It’s easy to get fooled in Amsterdam and the rest of Holland. The Dutch government, along with many other governments around the world, have been pushing the idea that marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’ and that the real drug problem in the world is the use of illegal substances that are sold on the black market. However, the truth is that marijuana is used for medicinal and recreational purposes, and it is a legal substance in the Netherlands. The black market is the only way to get the real thing, for the real price.

Chemdog is an extremely potent strain of marijuana that is easy to get hold of. We can find it easily at any number of cannabis stores, but to only find the real stuff we need to pay close attention to what is written on the product. Many times you will find you are purchasing a product that is not the best quality and is not the real thing.

Shop owners are often confused with the term “authentic Chemdog” because they have little knowledge on what that means. They tend to think that the term is put on a label and that it means that the product is the real deal. However, this is not the case. The term “authentic Chemdog” means that the company is putting out the real product, which is to say that the product reflects the way Chemdog was made years ago when it was legal. The Colorado cannabis industry is experiencing the same thing.. Read more about chemdog vs chemdawg and let us know what you think.In a world of modern hybrids and artificial flavors, it is so hard to find authentic varieties created in the past. One of the hardest species to find is the true chemdog. You can find GMOs, you can find Motorbreath, you can find strains that come from Chemdog, but the real Chem D, Chem 4 and so on from the 90s? Rare. Almost impossible. Fortunately, after 33 years of growing cannabis behind the scenes, Greg Krzanowski, the man known as Chemdog, has finally entered the legal market, and with him all the Chemdog strains he has perfected along the way.

Who and what is Chemdog?

Krzanowski is an absolute legend in the cannabis industry. You know him as Chemdog, the man responsible for finding, growing and naming one of the most influential cannabis strains in history. The strain itself is a gaseous iteration of a randomly bagged seed from a weed Chem found at a Grateful Dead concert in the early 90s. Dan McCarthy/Canna Provisions GroupGreg Chemdog Krzanowski handles cannabis plants for Canna Provisions Group. (Source: Photo courtesy of Canna Provisions) For decades, Krzanowski lived behind the scenes of legality, but that all changed in 2021 when Krzanowski partnered with Massachusetts-based Canna Provisions Group, became their cultivation manager, and brought his authentic Chemdog genetics to the legal market for the very first time. The group Canna Provisions produces high quality flowers in large quantities. He currently has a large indoor cannabis growing facility, with another coming soon, as well as two dispensaries, one in Lee, MS, and the other in Holyoke, MS, where you can buy all of Krzanowski’s well-known genetic strains, as well as his new creations produced under the Canna Provisions Smash Hits flower line. Mr. Krzanowski has received numerous offers to enter the legal market – but none of these previous opportunities pleased him. Either the companies didn’t fit his culture, or they were deals with the devil that made him feel like he was selling his soul. Krzanowski chose to partner with Canna Provisions Group because, he says, their mission is to become the leading cannabis producer, which is in line with Chemdog’s goals. I didn’t know if I wanted to go to the market like this. But I met [CEO Eric Williams], and we kind of merged. We have the same vision of how we want to operate in the legal market. And they’re local. It was important for me to stay in Massachusetts, where I founded Chemdog.

Where can I find a real guide dog?

If you want real chemdog genetics, it’s best to get them from the person who made them. If you wanted real, unmistakable 908s OG Kush, would you trust any producer or Josh D, the distributor of the strain? That’s right. According to Krzanowski, there are only three places on the legal market that sell real chemo flower: Massachusetts, Florida and Michigan. In Massachusetts, all Chemdog varieties are available at both Canna Provisions stores; in Florida, P. Bud (co-author of the Chemdog varieties) breeds varieties for One Plant; and in Michigan, the real Chemdog can be purchased at Pincanna. Krzanowski has a licensing agreement with One Plant and Pincanna. Right now you can find Chem 4, Chem Sis, Chem D (S1) and Chem 91, the original Chemdog strains that took cannabis culture by storm. Krzanowski’s favorite cookie tastes like the hybrid offspring of a GMO cookie. Chemistry D is by far my favorite subject. I love this perfume. I used to love 91, I think I smoked it so much I got tired of it. Chemical D, it gets you so high you pass out. That’s what I like about him.

The future of Chemdog and Smash Hits

In addition to his own varieties, Krzanowski is working on a new line of flowers called Smash Hits, which is grown exclusively by Krzanowski. The Smash Hits series will feature Krzanowski’s original strains, as well as new variants such as Chem D x Lemon Thai, Chem Select and Chem Diesel Dog, both as pre-rolls and flower boxes. There are also strains that Chemdog didn’t grow themselves, but they have masterfully bred, such as Zookies, Kush Mints, and Wedding Cake. Right now we’re looking at the material to find about 20 of our own varieties that [Smash Hits] can run. The 20.4 was the first departure. Dan McCarthy/Canna Provisions GroupKrzanowski first bought Smash Hits (and his legal weed in general) on 4/20 this year. (Source: Photo courtesy of Canna Provisions) Ultimately, Himdog is trying to cement his legacy in a game that consistently ignores the pioneers who laid the groundwork for the modern cannabis industry. And when the dust settles on cannabis legalization, Chemdog just wants to be known as a man who has always been proud and passionate about giving people his best flowers. I have been involved in the Good Buds movement almost since the beginning. I watched the bud develop. I feel like the Michael Jordan of the cannabis industry. Berner did a great job, I congratulate Cookie; but there can only be one GOAT, and that’s me. Image courtesy of Canna Provisions Where to find authentic Chemdog

Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is a freelance writer, video producer and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, varieties, products, education and all things related to this green flower. Contact him at dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom), or dante_jordan on Instagram. His website is text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.. Read more about chemdawg phenotypes and let us know what you think.

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